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May F😎

Eternal Darkness

Once I got a birthday present. From the school bully.
It all started when my teacher announced it was my birthday. She handed me a parcel wrapped up in green material. The material felt like treacle, even though it was so shiny. Without thinking, I tore it open and saw a note. It said “I would have to do this even if this kills me. Love Emily.” Emily was the school bully. I noticed that there was something else in there. It was fluffy, whatever it was. I had an urge to touch it. As soon as my hand touched it, everything went black…

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Easy Blog Photo
When the lights went out part 2
By Zakk
I didn’t like it at first and then I never liked it kept me awake
I will tell you how I started to hate this place it is haunted

my dad got locked in the cellar he touched something the material felt like a raged girl it was horrible my stuff pushed me down the stairs

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On the weekend I got a new house and I have always wanted a new house😍.when I moved house the first thing I did is I went to my room I unpack my stuff and after I played and played.

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By Adam At the centre of the world
One day a rumour went round saying at the centre of the world a diamond crystal that would keep you alive for ever. So one day a brave man went down and he never never came back up so no one ever went down again😡😡😡.

The end

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At the centre of the world
By Isaac

At the middle of the world Adam died after touching it who will be next?Will it be Isaac or Adam again…

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Dear Joe

I want a refund. The silk of your finest shoes that I bought get too muddy too fast and they are very uncomfortable I want my money back and I want a new free pair of the same shoes and I want them ASAP Sunday 24th of December will do and YOU BETTER NOT MAKE THE MATERIAL FEEL LIKE A BOX!!!!!!!!!! If it does I will ruin your company and get you and everyone else FIRED!!!!!!

By Courtney B

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I am getting a quod for Christmas I have been wantin one for ejers
but Finley I am getting one for Christmas💜

I love blogging cloud in Rosales primary school.

In the week end I had 10 pounder to spend at home bargin I Bort
Some doing stuff and a pen and 5 teddy bear.

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My name is Emily and I’m new to the blogging club at rosedale. I would like ideas from you if that is ok

Thanks Emily 😀

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Another Quick Story

Hello everyone! I’m writing another quick story. I hope you enjoyed the last one and I hope it didn’t scare you to much!

I walked into the clothing shop to see Lucy (Lucy is a person that makes my designer clothes) she used the wrong material for my prom dress. I walked in and yelled , ” The material you used for my prom dress is horrendous! The material felt like fish scales!” I almost spewed as I said that. She replied , ” Oh I’m so happy I got it wrong! I’ll get you some more of that for my prom dress!” I felt like ripping her head off!

Well I hope you enjoyed this stupid story!!!!!!!😀

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Dear the manufactures of clothing ,
I am writing to complain about my black dress. It was not soft and comfortable and the material felt like bricks. I hope that you don’t do this to any other people and they get the right clothing .
When I send this item back I would like the right dress with the right material on it with the right pattern .As a result I think you little company should be shut down by the government and you should be made redundant . I would like all my money back please and an expensive gift for free!

By Appylonya

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